Agri-Food Tourism - Tour of Regan Organic Farm
More visitors to our farm this summer

We are very happy to welcome visitors to our organic farm, especially during the summer months.

Lately we’ve had visitors from Holland, Sweden, the US, Dublin and even Gorey!

At this time of year, there’s lots to see – the chickens are out and about picking and scratching and sunbathing, the ducks are having a paddle and a waddle and the pigs are foraging and wallowing the day away.

If you’re interested in coming along, just call us on 086 6047450 and we’ll arrange everything for you. We take groups and individuals by appointment.

Here’s what one of our recent visitors said about their tour: “Mary and her sisters are amazing women running an amazing organic food farm. The produce they have is of such great quality; you won’t want to buy chickens from Tesco anymore that’s for sure. The farm tour is also highly recommended; I learned so much from it, and am looking forward to learning more. We’d all do well to know more about what we feed ourselves and our families. It was lovely to see all the compassion and care they give their animals. All in all, hats off to Mary and her sisters!”

Thank you so much to Ina Rellis for her very kind words – we hope to see you again some day.