Irish Organic Free Range Chicken

Our chickens are all reared at our own Organic Trust Approved family farm in beautiful County Wexford. Our chickens enjoy an active life in natural surroundings where they can peck at grass and wild plants and herbs, producing the tastiest and most tender meat.

We have our own small EU approved abbatoir right on the farm, where the chickens meet their fate in the most compassionate and stress free way possible under the scrutiny of a fully qualified vet.

You’ll notice that our chicken and duck is sold by the bird or the piece, rather than by weight. Our chickens are reared in a natural way and, even when they are all given access to the same amount of feed and exercise, the weight of the finished birds varies. We are a small operation and we don’t have the facility to pick a bird of a particular weight for an individual customer. In general, the chickens are approximately 2Kg and the ducks are approx. 2.5kg but sometimes you can get lucky and have a much bigger one. Occasionally the birds will be a little bit lighter.


Organic Duck

Irish Organic Free Range Pork