The animals are the most important part of Regan Organic Farm.


Regan Organic FarmOur chickens have more exercise, eat a wider variety of plants, grubs and herbs, socialise more and are grown more slowly than most. This makes their meat taste better and it makes us feel better too! We feel this is a much more sustainable and compassionate way to produce meat.

We have tried out several breeds of chicken for our farm and we ended up choosing the Ross breed because they are hardy and tend towards excellent health. This breed originated in Scotland – the birds have a lovely broad chest, wide feet and a hearty appetite!

Our chickens live in small groups with shelter from the elements and night predators in the form of mobile houses that are naturally ventilated. They roam freely during the day on a large pasture where they are free to behave naturally and graze away.


The ducks on our Organic Farm are Aylesbury ducks – these are birds with pure white plumage, a pink bill, orange legs and feet and a large keel (an extension to the breastbone that helps with flight).

It is thought this breed became popular in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in England in the 18th century because of the demand for white feathers for quilts. Over the following century selective breeding led to the beautiful duck we have today.

No only does this bird look lovely, the meat it produces is full of flavour.

At the moment, we have pork and bacon available intermittently – the odd time! If you would like some then please just email us and we will contact you when it is available to let you know what we have.