Regan Farm Honesty Shop – Making a difference to your world

Making small changes to the things we do every day make a big difference on our own impact on the world around us.  Not just the carbon footprint you hear so much about in the news, but also in helping the local businesses in our area thrive in this so competitive world of mass producing everything.

Regan Organic Farm Shop

Regan Farm has its very own Honesty Farm Shop that we would love you to come and visit.  It is kept well stocked with local farmer’s organic fruit and vegetables as well as other organic staples such as oils, fruit juices, butter, cheese and some dry goods such as organic pasta, kidney beans and rice.  But the star of the show, in our opinion, is the fridge with our very own organic meat.  There is a selection of organic chicken and chicken portions, and sometimes, our very own pork and other poultry.

You get the best of the seasonal greats with the Honesty Farm Shop, and we can guarantee the quality and flavour will be superior to the convenient mass farmed produce that is available.

We thought this would be a great way to support our local farmers and for you to be able to come to our Honesty Farm Shop when it suits you.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the small changes in your life that will make a big difference and a better world.

The Farm Honesty Shop is as easy as 1 2 3. 

  1. Make your selection from our wonderfully varied range of fresh and dried produce.  If you need to weigh items there are weighing scales and a full price list located on the wall.  There are brown paper bags for your fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Add up your selection, we have provided a calculator to help you here, and 
  3. Pop the cash in a small brown envelope that we have also provided for you, then post it in the letter box just inside the door.

If you need change there is a cash box for you to take what change is owed.

It has been a roaring success since we opened a year back; we have found that we have our regulars and we have visitors who fancy a last minute Sunday lunch popping in for everything they need.  We also have visitors who use it as a learning opportunity for their children to practice the skills they are taught in school.

The shop is stocked every Tuesday afternoon, but if you can’t find what you are looking for or there is something you’d like to order, then you can just call Helen on 086 6047450.